Global Business Program

The International Managementdegree programmeat FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences offers to its exchange studentsa tailor-made programme, the Global Business Program.

The Department of International Management at FH JOANNEUM currently maintains comprehensive cooperation agreements with more than 50 universities around the globe.

Most of these agreements have international student exchanges at their cores. The Department of International Management acknowledges the special needs of incoming foreign exchange students and therefore has designed a program that meets their specific needs - the GLOBAL BUSINESS PROGRAM (GBP). The GBP is: International and cross-cultural (as you will be studying with Austrian and many international students from various countries. In addition, its courses are instructed by faculty members of the Department of International Management and selected visiting professors from prestigious foreign universities).

  • Entirely in English (and thus gives you the advantage of being able to study in English while living in a German-speaking environment);
  • Fully modular (as each course is instructed over a period of 2x1 or 1x2 weeks);
  • Completely flexible (as it allows you to enter and leave the program at practically any time of your own choice);
Auf Englisch studieren und in einem deutschsprachigen Land leben!

Study in English while living in a German-speaking environment