English for physiotherapists

Detailed information of the course "English for physiotherapists".

5. Semester, WS 2009
Type: Se | THW: 2.0 | ECTS Credits: 2.0 | Number of Groups: 5
Language of instruction: English
Course Unit Code: 070463507


Lectures with Sabine Eichler-Schöllnast 


1st lesson: Physiotherapists in the context of working in hospitals and

multi-professional teams – explaining different Health Insurance Schemes                       

Homework:       Developing a paragraph – why have you chosen a career in AHP?

            or:        Which health insurance system is better the Austrian or American one?



2nd lesson: Repetition of body parts, bones and muscles                                                      

Homework: Prepare a short presentation on body parts, bones, muscles, tissues, organs



3rd lesson: Human locomotion and examining a patient                                                      

Homework: Developing your own exercises



4th lesson: Giving instructions and guiding a patient through an examination                    

Homework: Summarising a video plus giving a statement



5th lesson: oral exams - Pain assessment                                                                             


6th lesson: oral exams - Repetition

Lectures with Maureen Levis:


Lesson 1:       Introductions. Abstracts. Action 1: Find an academic article. Pronunciation. Describing movement. Action 2: Yoga text.


Lesson 2:       Plagiarism. Therapy role-plays. Action 3: Write an abstract.


Lesson 3:       Therapy role-plays. Action 5: Prepare a presentation.


Lesson 4:       Review of abstracts. In-class presentations of academic paper. Therapy role-plays.




Course Objectives:

Students should be able to conduct an assessment and give instructions to patients.

Students should be able to comprehend scientific studies and present their content.

English for Physiotherapists from 1st and 2nd semester

Teaching and Learning Methods:

Individual Work

Partner- and group work

Discussions and Presentations

Patient-Physiotherapist scenario




?  oral exam


?  acitve participation during lectures


?  homework







Sehr gut (1) - A

92 - 100

Gut (2) - B

83 - 91

Befriedigend (3) - C

74 - 81

Genügend (4) - D

66 - 73

Nicht Genügend (5) - E

0 - 65



Information on the human body



Like YouTube, but exclusively for physiotherapists



University of British Columbia – physiotherapy blog



Journal of the American Physiotherapy Association – links to articles, videos, podcasts



Journal of Physical Therapy Education


Professional English in Use Medicine by Eric H. Glendinning and Ron Howard; Cambridge University Press 2007


Fachenglisch für Gesundheitsberufe by Sandra Schiller et al.; Springer Medizin Verlag Heidelberg 2008


English in Medicine; 2nd edition by Eric H. Glendinning and Beverly A.S.Holmström Cambridge University Press 1998