Multimedia Produktionen 1

Detaillierte Beschreibung der Veranstaltung "Multimedia Produktionen 1".

3. Studiengangssemester, WS 2011
Typ: Se | SWS: 4.0 | ECTS-Punkte: 4.0 | Gruppenanzahl: 1
Course Unit Code: 80593306


Subjects of the lectures:

1. Mediaformats on the Web

2. Streaming media

3. Mobile Reporting

4. Videochannels and how to create them

5. Slideshows, Audio-Slideshows, Bildbearbeitung für das Web

6. JavaScript und Ajax

7. Flash, Silverlight

Acquiring basic technical skills for multimedia and mobile reporting; knowledge of important technologies and technical developments on this field.


Video-, audio- and photo-production

(Cameras, recording tools, editing)

The course consists of lectures and two practical projects. The lectures will present basic theoretical knowledge, the projects will serve to develop the practical skills of the participants. One group will be resopnsible for the online video coverage of the elevate festival in October, the other group will produce multimedia features for the students' magazine "blank".

Participation and delivery of certain assignments throughout the whole term


Mindy McAdams: Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency <>

Mindy McAdams: Flash Journalism <>