Banking and Insurance Industry

Management and Organisations

Integrated course, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

Teaching and applying the theoretical foundations of the subject area management and organization with emphasis on the corporate structure and processes, the management principles and the interaction of these areas.

The core contents include:
[1] Organization: Structure, Process, Process Management, Six Sigma, forms
[2] Management: function, roles, strategy
[3] Leadership: Tasks, Leadership Guidelines
[4] Motivation: Theories, Factors, organizational Change

Learning outcomes

After completing this module, graduates know the basics of Austrian corporate law, know the characteristics of the Austrian corporate forms of companies and especially those relevant to the banking and insurance industries. The participants also know the factors influencing the company's success from a microeconomic point of view and understand how price and market mechanisms work. Moreover, the students have an overview of the functions and tasks of management in organizations.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Literature: M. Weber, Unternehmens- und Gesellschaftsrecht - Eine Einführung;
Krejci, Unternehmensrecht;
Rieder/Huemer, Gesellschaftsrecht;
Roth/Fitz/Murschitz, Unternehmensrecht;
Orac-Rechtsskripten zu Personen- und Kapitalgesellschaften;

Kieser, Alfred/Walgenbach, Peter: Organisation;
Frese, Erich/Graumann, Matthias/Theuvsen, Ludwig: Grundlagen der Organisation;
Schreyögg, Georg/Koch, Jochen: Grundlagen des Managements: Basiswissen für Studium und Praxis;

Pindyck, Robert S. und Daniel L. Rubinfeld: Mikroökonomie;
Samuelson, Nordhaus: Economics;

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites

Main features of the law

Assessment methods and criteria

Final examination including continuous in-lecture assessment