Banking and Insurance Industry

Banking Law: Deposit Business & Lending Business

Integrated course, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

The course deals with central issues such as deposit business, lending and collateral law that can be assigned to banking law:

The core contents include:
[1] Regulatory framework of the banking business
[2] Account and account management
[3] Deposit business
[4] Payment transactions
[5] Types and structures of debt financing
[6] Credit Agreements (CaseStudy)
[7] Special Issues of Lending Business: Equity Replacement, Deposit Recovery, Borrower Change, Consumer Credit Agreement
[8] Collateral: Lien, chattel mortgage, retention of title, cession, bail, guarantee, documentary Credit

Learning outcomes

After completing the special banking and insurance law module, students are familiar with the structure and organization of the national and international financial market supervisory architecture, the fundamentals of banking and insurance supervisory law and are in a position to assess current topics through digitization on the basis of the existing regulatory framework. Moreover, students are familiar with the general and specific aspects of insurance contract law, the regulatory framework for banking and insurance transactions and products, as well as the fundamentals of insolvency law and its implications for corporate restructuring.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Literature: AWS/BWG: Banken und Versicherungen, Teil 2, Der rechtliche Rahmen für Banken und Versicherungen;
Davis/Green: Global Financial Regulation: The Essential Guide, Polity Press;
Borns, Das österreichische Bankrecht;
Laurer/Borns/O. Schütz/M. Schütz - Bankwesengesetz Kommentar;
Dellinger (Hrsg.) - Kommentar Bankwesengesetz;
Baran - Leitfaden des österreichischen Versicherungsaufsichtsrechts;
Gruber/Raschauer (Hrsg.) – Kommentar Wertpapieraufsichtsgesetz;

Urbanek - Bankgeschäfte;

Fenyves Attila / Koban Klaus: Österreichisches Versicherungsrecht;
Straube, Gisch, Berisha: Österreichisches Versicherungsvertragsrecht;

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites

Foundations of law; Fundamentals of the finance, banking and insurance industries

Assessment methods and criteria

Final examination including continuous in-lecture assessment