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Presentation Techniques

Übung, 2.00 ECTS



This course offers students an introduction to the basics of excellent oratory. Students will learn how to prepare and present content in an interesting, professional, and motivating manner. This is a “hands-on” course. Each student will give four presentations ranging from a short impromptu speech to a formal presentation with visual aids.

The core contents of this course include:
[1] Understanding and applying basic presentation techniques.
[2] Knowing your audience and tailoring your speech/presentation.
[3] Designing excellent PowerPoint slides and effectively using other audio visual aids to underscore your message.
[4] Speaking with impact: using your voice, tempo, modulation, etc. to get your message across.
[5] Learning from best practice examples of some of the greatest orators to ever stand behind a lectern.

This course will be held in English.

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After completing Presentation Techniques students will be able to present a message before an audience with clarity. They will understand that messages have cognitive and emotional elements, and that addressing both of these aspects is essential for effective communication and content retention.

They will have practiced four types of speeches in class and gained confidence in presenting before an audience. They will have a basic understanding of how to use visual aids to support their message. They will know how to use rhetorical devices such as storytelling, humor, and anecdotes to underscore data and facts in their presentations. They will be able to adjust their voice, tempo, timbre, etc. to add power and punch to their presentations.

Empfohlene oder verpflichtende Fachliteratur und andere Lernressourcen bzw. –instrumente

There is not a required reading list for this course. There are an endless number of business books on presentation techniques and public speaking. In the course we will draw on some of these and I will provide a list on Moodle of some of my favorites. We will also briefly examine two classic texts from Cicero – De Oratore and Orator – on what makes an excellent public speaker and what obligations the public speaker has.

Finally, we will look at four best case examples of public speaking and presentation techniques:
1) President Barack Obama – Address before the British Parliament
2) Steve Jobs – iPhone Introduction
3) Dr. Martin Luther King – I have a Dream
4) Sojourner Truth – Ain’t I a Women?

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