Bank Management

Bank Management

Project thesis, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

This course builds on the learning contents of the other courses within this module. It combines the various aspects and results and illustrates how management decisions can be made at the bank's group level. The core contents of this course include: [1] Functions of banks, business models in banking, risk-adjusted and value-based bank management; [2] Combining liquidity, risk and capital management to bank management; [3] Strategic choice of product portfolio and distribution channels; diversification through non-banking products; [4] Competencies and responsibilities at different management levels; role of capital providers. Optional contents can include: [5] Information management: management vs. capital providers; [6] Monitoring of systemic changes (demand, supply, regulation, reporting, legal); [7] All above contents can be taught through a simulation game

Learning outcomes

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

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Botsis et al. (2015): Kennzahlen und Kennzahlensysteme für Banken, 1. Auflage, Springer, Wiesbaden.

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Fachzeitschriften: Die Bank, Bankarchiv, Bankmagazin, Journal of Banking and Finance.

Mode of delivery

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of active course participation, grading of presentations, project work and case studies