Bank Management

Innovative Business Models in Retail Banking

Integrated course, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

This course assesses business models in the retail banking business. Particular attention is given to recent changes in the market focusing on the demand (customer behaviour, demographic developments, urbanisation) and supply side (move to new distribution channels, increased competition, standardisation of processes and products).

The core contents of this course include:
[1] Client-focused selection of product range;
[2] Alternative distribution channels: retail-focused multi-channel, direct and social media distribution, mobile distribution;
[3] Integration of various distribution channels to reach hybrid customers ("customer experience");
[4] Business decisions regarding the product range;
[5] Media technologies, mobile communication and social media based business models;
[6] Extension of product range; role of non-traditional competitors;
[7] Process optimisation in retail banking.
Optional contents can include:
[8] Innovative marketing.

Learning outcomes

Graduates understand on which factors banks make decisions about changes to their business model and are able to participate in these decision-making processes. They know current trends and developments in the business model discussion.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

References: Bartmann et al (2011): Retail Banking - Zukunftsorientierte Lösungen im Privatkundengeschäft. Effert/Köhler (2004): Wettbewerb der Vertriebssysteme, Gabler. Effert/Ronzal (2005): Erfolgreiche Vertriebsstrategien in Banken, Gabler. Kramer/Gulich (2008): Strategische Erfolgsfaktoren im Privatkundengeschäft der Banken, Europ. HSV. Müller (2011): Banken im Wandel des 21. Jahrhunderts: Erfolgsrezept Multikanalvertrieb, BoD. Schmoll/Ronzal (2011): Neue Wege zum Kunden, Gabler. Schwarzbauer (2009): Modernes Marketing für das Bankgeschäft, Frankfurt School.
Academic journals: Die Bank, Bankarchiv, Bank Magazin.

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites


Assessment methods and criteria

ILV: final exam, assessment of active course participation