Construction Management and Engineering

Seminar in Building Contracting

Seminar, 2.00 ECTS



Contents, learning objectives on Austrian building contract law:

Overview of current dispute resolution procedures (negotiation, mediation, mediation, neutral evaluation, arbitration, arbitration, court proceedings)

Overview of Austrian civil proceedings (instances of appeal, jurisdiction, parties, procedure from the filing of a complaint to the judgment, settlement, time limits, costs, evidence proceedings, role of the expert, development of an SV opinion, legal remedies)

court visit: participation in 1 to 2 civil law hearings in the courtroom (real construction disputes, after prior consultation and agreement with the court)

Practical examples for Claim Management (hours target-actual comparison)

Analysis of building contracts (unit price contract, lump sum price contract, constructive and functional tender, contradictions)

Contents, learning objectives for international construction contract law:

Field reports from senior executives of international companies (Christine Mörth, ANDRITZ AG; Martin Fish, Bernard Ingenieure)

Practical examples: Study of an international construction contract in detail

Practical examples: Performance descriptions with CESMM3 (Civil Engineering Standard Methods of Measurement) and SMM7 (Standard Method of Measurement for Building Elements)

Selected chapters from the FIDIC sample contracts (Red Book, Yellow Book and Silver Book)


know-how in buildings construction contracts


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Learning Method



oral examination