Biomedical Science

Analytic immunology

Integrated course, 3.50 ECTS


Course content

Fundamentals and examples of immunological procedures (manual and automated) and their evaluation methods: agglutination reactions, immune precipitation, immunoassays, immunoelectrochemical procedures, immunohistology, western blot; quality assurance, documentation, validation and interpretation of the results.

Learning outcomes

The students acquire basics in immunology which are the basis for the areas of application of immunological lab methods for solving various medical and bioanalytical problems.
They can carry out assigned routine immunological lab procedures independently and can interpret the investigation results correctly as well as assess the technical validity (high-class controls and plausibility controls). They can tie together the investigation results of different lab departments. They are able to carry out and document different working steps relevant for research. They can improve their already acquired analytic abilty and reflect on their own lab competence.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Murphy, Travers, Walport (Springer Spectrum): Janeway Immunologie (2014); Rink, Kruse, Haase (Springer Spectrum): Immunologie für Einsteiger (2015); Kaufmann (Springer): Basiswissen Immunologie (2013); Luttmann (2008): Der Experimentator - Immunologie
Abbas / Lichtmann (2000): Cellular and Molecular Immunology

Mode of delivery

integrated course

Prerequisites and co-requisites

methods of biomedical analysis

Assessment methods and criteria

continuous assessment