Biomedical Science

Pharmacology and toxicology

Lecture, 2.50 ECTS


Course content

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, ways of administration and storage of drugs, genetic polymorphism, structure and ways of action, therapeutic application and side-effects of important classes of medicinal products, drugs and drug misuse, therapeutic drug monitoring, special toxicology: respiratory poisons, metals – metalloids, acid-base solvents, carcinogens, alkaloids; diagnostic detection procedures (manual and automated).

Learning outcomes

Students acquire the basics for solving pharmacological and toxicological problems as well as the possible areas of application (drug monitoring). They know the application, the effect as well as the therapeutic application possibilities and side effects of medications in human organisms.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Autoren: Luippold, Böhm, Culman , Herdegen, Gohlke (Thieme)
Kurzlehrbuch Pharmakologie und Toxikologie (2013)
Autoren: Lüllmann , Mohr, Wehling, Hein (Thieme) Pharmakologie und Toxikologie: Arzneimittelwirkungen verstehen - Medikamente gezielt einsetzen (2016)
Autor: Schumacher (Springer) Klinischer Studien: Methodische Grundlagen der Planung, Durchführung und Auswertung (Statistik und ihre Anwendungen) (2008)
Autoren: Gaus, Chase (DVMD) Klinische Studien: Regelwerke, Strukturen, Dokumente, Daten Taschenbuch (2008)

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites

medical bases 1 und 2

Assessment methods and criteria

test at the end of the course