Biomedical Science

Analytic molecular biology

Integrated course, 2.50 ECTS


Course content

Pre-analysis, isolating nucleic acids and determining their concentration, implementing PCR-based (polymerase chain reaction) analytical methods and their application in biomedical diagnostics, performing diagnostic DNA hybridization techniques, specific safety measures, quality assurance, documentation, validation and interpretation of the results.

Learning outcomes

The students have practical knowledge in the use of molecular-biological methods in medical diagnostics. They can carry out molecular-biological analysis processes in different test materials and can interpret the results. The students know the quality assurance and safety measures in a molecular-biological lab.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Thiemann et al. (2015): Molekulare Diagnostik
Reinard (2010): Molekularbiologische Methoden
Mülhardt (2013): Der Experimentator: Molekularbiologie / Genomics
Bücher, Fachzeitschriften und Internetseiten entsprechend dem aktuellen Wissenstand im Fachgebiet.

Mode of delivery

integrated course

Prerequisites and co-requisites

molecular biology

Assessment methods and criteria

continuous assessment