Biomedical Science

Job profiles and interdisciplinary cooperation in health care

Seminar, 1.00 ECTS


Course content

Society and health, historical development of job profile, job profile and different fields , occupational laws, professional ethics, job profiles in the health system and interdisciplinarity;

Learning outcomes

Dealing with the topic of health and society, the students become aware of the importance of the health care system, the contact with diseases and their future role as biomedical scientists. They are able to communicate efficiently in English in the professional world.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Gehm: Kommunikation im Beruf
Ribes, R, Palma, I & Duarte, R 2009, English for Biomedical Scientists, Springer.
Kachler (2007):Qualifikationsforschung zum Handlungsfeld der biomedizinischen Analytik
Kickbusch (2006): Die Gesundheitsgesellschaft
Eckhart (2009): Geschichte der Medizin
Broschüre Gesundheitsberufe in Österreich des Gesundheitsministeriums (2016)
Relevante Gesetze im Rechtsinformationssystem (RIS):
MTD-Gesetz, BGBl. Nr. 460/1992, i.d.g.F.
FH-MTD-Ausbildungsverordnung, BGBl. II Nr. 2/2006, i.d.g.F.
Fachhochschul-Studiengesetz, BGBl. Nr. 340/1993, i.d.g.F.

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites

English B2 CEFR and M06

Assessment methods and criteria

continuous assessment