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Herbert Prirsch, MA

I work for the Austrian company Anton Paar where my colleagues appreciate my customer-oriented and pragmatic approach to the conception and implementation of modern sales strategies.
Herbert Prirsch, MA 2

Key Data

Job title: Key Account Manager
Company: Anton Paar GmbH
Work location: Mainly in Graz or directly at the customer site
Start date: April 2016 during the fourth semester of my master studies
My contact info:

What I Do

It is my responsibility to develop modern sales strategies that enable Anton Paar to enter new markets with their high precision measuring instruments. My tasks focus on the international craft beer market where our instruments are used at the production of premium beers.
I work as a Key Account Manager and act as the link between Anton Paar and our key partners in this sector. The identification of potential customers, the building of strong relationships and the cooperative marketing of our instruments represent the diverse range of my tasks.

Why I love my job

  • Close collaboration with international customers
  • Large responsibility at the independent development and implementation of recommended actions
  • Interesting and growing market environment
  • Friendly and motivated colleagues

Important skills in my job

  • Strategic entrepreneurial thinking
  • Cross-departmental way of working
  • Negotiation skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Presentation skills

The best experiences in my job

Successful conclusion of a wholesale contract with one of the key players on the international craft beer market.

How I found my current job

I applied unsolicitedly at Anton Paar during the fourth semester of my studies at FH Joanneum.

What I learned for this job during my studies

  • Know what it takes to develop modern international marketing strategies
  • Know how to conduct sophisticated market research and use the results for decision making
  • Being able to adapt to local requirements when it comes to negotiations with international customers
  • Know the crucial success factors for successfully operating in emerging markets

Job prospects in my area

Being able to adapt marketing strategies to the requirements of modern markets without disregarding the importance of human relationships is one of the main challenges businesses are facing. In order to secure continuing success it needs people who have the abilities to help businesses adapt to modern market conditions. For this reason, I see great job prospects in my field.

I am

  • assertive
  • persistent
  • willing to learn
  • adaptable
  • humorous

About My Job

My job is versatile and challenging. Representing the interface between the own company and its key customers is a very responsible task. Cross-functional thinking and working are essential factors in my job. No two days are the same and new challenges keep waiting to be met.

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