Olga Trofimova

Born in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I came to Austria 6 years ago.


Key Data:

Job Title: Sales Assistant for Georgia and Armenia
Company: Doka Gmbh
Work Location: Amstetten
Start Date: 01.12.2016
My contact

What I do

Offer preparations, order management, sales, customer training, development of marketing strategies and planning of activities, contract drafting and management, price and payment management, developing and updating market strategy and execution plans.

Why I love my job

There are only 2 persons responsible for market of Georgia and Armenia at the moment: me and my boss. Therefore I get to deal with wide range of strategic and tactical tasks.

Important skills in my job

Negotiation skills, language and social skills, sales and marketing knowledge ious payment guarantees options, conflict, contract law, understanding of var management, and psychology.

The best experiences in my job

Customer project management training – being able not only to sell, but also to help our customers develop and learn how to manage their projects better was truly the great experience. We could see a strong interest from customer’s side to learn and apply new knowledge. These events allow us to grow together.

How I found my current job

What I learned for this job during my studies

Contract law
Sales management/ sales partner management
Market entry strategy
Export finance
Supply chain management

Job prospects in my area

Sales and Marketing Manager (for Georgia and Armenia or for other Eastern European countries)

I am

  • Communicative
  • Mediator
  • Problem solver