Content Strategy

Management of Company Content

Lecture, 3.00 ECTS


Description from application

Prerequisites for consistent content; bringing together different departments and teams; task descriptions for all the responsible parties in the various phases of the web content lifecycle; securing the findability and reusability of content.


After completing the module, the student has a basic knowledge of the technology and processes used to manage digital content. She/He is aware of the type of content management systems, the team members required to staff a content management initiative, and the methods for acquiring a content management system. She/He understands the basic concepts of content modeling and aggregation, how content management software can assist in editorial workflow, and a variety of common publication and templating architectures. Finally, the student understands the scope and challenges of a content management system implementation projects, specifically as it relates to the migration of existing content.


Books: Barker: "Web Content Management: Systems, Features, and Best Practices"

Learning Method

Lecture (7 units on the first weekend of face-to-face instruction; 4,75 hours of moderated e-learning)


Oral examination