Content Strategy

Kickoff Workshop: What is Content Strategy?

Integrated course, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

- Core elements of content strategy,
- Principles and theory of content strategy
- History and actual situation of the discipline
- Content strategy Community of Practice
- Core deliverables and methodology
- Deliverables in a technology-related strategy
- Overview of the professional field of content strategy

Learning outcomes

After having completed the module, the student have
- Knowledge about the principles and theory of content strategy
- Knowledge about core deliverables and methodology
- Understanding of the duties of content strategists in organizations or agencies
- Understanding of the critical components, instruments and methods of the discipline of content strategy
- Knowledge about general standards that apply to high-quality web content and to content which is delivered on various platforms
- Ability to judge the quality of content in terms of these standards and requirements.
- Ability to explain the value of content strategy to design, information architecture, copywriting, social media strategy, creative direction, and other disciplines.
- Ability to articulate and present a message architecture, and be able to facilitate an exercise to create a message architecture.
- Knowledge how to use a message architecture to inform a content audit and assess the value of “good” content in a website or other ecosystem.
- Ability to develop an editorial calendar of content types and channels to manifest an organization’s communication goals.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Ann Rockley, Charles Cooper: Managing Enterprise Content
Rahel Bailie/Noz Urbina: Content Strategy - Connecting the Dots
Kristina Halvorson, Melissa Rach: Content Strategy for the Web;
Erin Kissane: The Elements of Content Strategy;
Ahava Leibtag: The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web
Margot Bloomstein: Content Strategy at Work
Sara Wachter-Böttcher: Content Everywhere
James Mathewson: Audience, Relevance and Search
Doris Eichmeier, Klaus Eck: Die Content Revolution im Unternehmen
Kevin Nichols: Enterprise Content Strategy. A Project Guide
Meghan Casey: The Content Strategy Toolkit
Sarah O’Keefe, Pringle, A. S., & Ann Rockley : Content Strategy 101: Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset.
Karen McGrane.: Content strategy for mobile
Karen McGrane, Frank Chimero: Going responsive
Freeland, A. G.: Content strategy.
Swisher, V.: Global Content Strategy.
Vitali Friedman: Content strategy; Vol. 2: Planning, Producing And Maintaining Quality Content.
Colleen Jones: The content advantage (Clout 2.0)

Mode of delivery

Integrated course (workshop with introductory talks and exercises in groups)

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Bachelor's degree in Communication Science

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluation of participation; reflection of the workshop in the portfolio