Content Strategy

Writing, Editing and Curating Content

Integrated course, 5.00 ECTS


Description from application

Criteria of high quality texts, requirements online content has to fulfill, the nature and characteristics of digital texts, publishing and editing of digital texts being delivered on various platforms and through a variety of channels, creation of content elements and content containers in terms of "liquid content", curating of web content and of user-generated content, best practices, trends and state of the art; general mechanisms of search engines and how they function; principles of SEO, current trends and developments (e.g. Google Panda Update), relevance and importance of search engines and SEO in the context of publishing content on the web and for the field of content strategy in general.

Learning outcome from related module

Generic competencies: - abilities to synthesize knowledge Field specific competencies: - practical and methodological competencies regarding the entire discipline of content strategy - editorial competencies After having completed the module, the student understands the duties of content strategists in organizations or agencies, as well as the critical components, instruments and methods of the discpline of content strategy, and he or she can explain the expectations users have in regard to web content, and how these expectations can match the goals of the organization. He/she knows about general standards that apply to high qualitity web content and to content which is delivered on various platforms, and he/she can judge the quality of content in terms of these standards and requirements.

Literature from related module

Books: Kristina Halvorson, Melissa Rach: Content Strategy for the Web; Erin Kissane: The Elements of Content Strategy; Ginny Redish: Letting Go of the Words
Online magazine: contents (, A List Apart (

Learning Method

Integrated course (time to be physically present: one day (in the first and second week of face-to-face instruction); 15 units of online lecture; 48,75 hours of moderated e-learning)


Immanent examination character (evaluation of the submitted papers)