Content Strategy

Organizational Communication and Public Relations Research

Lecture, 2.00 ECTS


Description from application

Based on current and exceptionally relevant sudies related to web content and its use, the course gives an overview of state-of-the-art research on organizational communication and public relations. The participants deal with web communication and its implications for organizations in a scientific way.

Learning outcome from related module

Generic competencies: - ability to think analytically, - ability to communicate . Field specific competencies: - editorial skills, - management skills. After completing the module, the student understands how marketing and PR can be planned and organized by means of content, and she/he has a basic knowledge of online advertising. She/he can judge marketing strategies as well as PR tactics and create them. She/he acquires in-depth knowledge about the management and upkeep of communities (especially on the Social Web), and she/he can apply the relevant methods to practical situations. She/he can make use of content marketing instruments and is able to evaluate them in terms of content strategies.

Literature from related module

Books: Robert Rose, Joe Pulizzi: Managing Content Marketing;
Anne Grabs, Karim-Patrick Bannour: Follow me!;
Miriam Löffler: Think Content!.

Learning Method

Lecture (8 units in the second week of face-to-face instruction, 9 hours of moderated e-learning)


Written/oral exam