Content Strategy

Content Marketing and Community Management

Integrated course, 5.00 ECTS


Course content

Basic concepts and mechanisms of online marketing; current types of campaigns; planning, development and implementation of online campaigns; areas of applications and relevance of storytelling; current formats of online advertising. Foundations, methods and instruments of content marketing (based on the US-American discipline of content marketing in order to distinguish it from the buzzword in the German-speaking world); evolvement of the discipline and discussion of the latest hypes about content marketing; interrelations between content marketing and content strategy (relevant best practices); setup and moderation of online communities (mainly on the social web); planning of content and its publication within communities; handling of user-generated content, criticism and crises (always in relation to the user-generated content, its impact and its treatment).

Learning outcomes

Generic competencies: - ability to think analytically, - ability to communicate . Field specific competencies: - editorial skills, - management skills. After completing the module, the student understands how marketing and PR can be planned and organized by means of content, and she/he has a basic knowledge of online advertising. She/he can judge marketing strategies as well as PR tactics and create them. She/he acquires in-depth knowledge about the management and upkeep of communities (especially on the Social Web), and she/he can apply the relevant methods to practical situations. She/he can make use of content marketing instruments and is able to evaluate them in terms of content strategies.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Books: Robert Rose, Joe Pulizzi: Managing Content Marketing;
Anne Grabs, Karim-Patrick Bannour: Follow me!;
Miriam Löffler: Think Content!.

Mode of delivery

Integrated course (15 units in the second week of face-to-face instruction, 42 hours of moderated e-learning)

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Module 1

Assessment methods and criteria

Written paper (exemplary campaign), and immanent examination character