Content Strategy

Content Marketing and Community Management

Integrated course, 5.00 ECTS



The main focus of this course lies on the strategic understanding of the functions of content for the relations between a company and its environment. The single parts of this course are to be seen complementary to the other courses in this semester (Brand Values, Message Architecture, and Strategic Communication; Content Modelling and Style Guides) and are also linked to the course "Organizational Communication and Public Relations Research".


1. Ability for strategic planning, implementation and controlling of content marketing measures in line with the (business) strategy of the organization.
2. Understanding of the contexts in which communities can be supportive of the goals of an organization.
3. Basic understanding of the requirements of successful online communities.


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Online Resources

Learning Method

Group activity in form of e-tivities, webinars, face-to-face instruction, feedback by instructors, update of documentation.

  • Foundations, methods and instruments of content marketing
  • Evolution and current state of content marketing
  • Interrelations between content marketing and content strategy (relevant best practices)
  • Measurement & Analytics
  • Best practice analysis
  • Planning, development and implementation of online campaigns
  • Current formats of online advertising
  • Understanding of important interdependencies of strategic business goals and business processes (sales, customer, service etc.) with company content
  • Purpose & functioning of online communities (mainly on the social web)
  • Planning of content and its publication within communities
  • Handling of user-generated content, criticism and crises (always in relation to the user-generated content & its impact)


Written paper (exemplary campaign), and immanent examination character.