Content Strategy

Master's Thesis and Accompanying Seminar

Master Thesis, 20.00 ECTS


Course content

The Master's thesis should build upon the project work in the third semester and desirably on the analytical work in the second semester. One potential focus is the definition of a strategy with a corresponding foundation and the implementation of the strategy including the related processes. Other optional focuses are: evaluation, process optimization, storytelling, or responsive design.

Learning outcomes

Generic competencies: - ability to solve problems innovatively, - ability to communicate professionally. Field-specific competencies: - primarily practical and methodological competencies. Throughout the module, a content strategy project or a significant proportion of such a project will be carried out practically and methodically as well as being tackled and documented scientifically. The module is about independently investigating a new application context for the methodology by writing a Master's thesis. The thesis will be assessed scientifically as well as professionally and, if possible, be published.

Mode of delivery

MA (advising 2 days in the first week of face-to-face instruction and 2 days on the second weekend of face-to-face instruction) Independent project or independent part of a project including detailed documentation and discussion of the relevant literature on a scientific level. Ongoing support from the adviser. Interim presentation for the adviser and the second examiner.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Contents and topics of the 1st through 3rd semester

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluation and grading by the adviser and the second examiner