Content Strategy

Feasability Analysis for the Master Thesis

Project thesis, 10.00 ECTS


Course content

Analytical and conceptional preparation of a content strategy as well as creating the necessary prerequisites and conditions for it. Possible components: content audits, empirical based user research, competition analyses, investigation of the state of the art. The project is supposed to be closely connected to the Master's thesis.

Learning outcomes

Generic competencies: - ability to synthesize knowledge, - ability to communicate professionally. Field specific competencies: - above all practical and methodological competencies. During the course of the module, the students develop the ability to carry out content strategy projects and digital publishing projects practically and in a way that is method-driven, and they are able to document and share the experience gained. They learn how to evaluate and optimize their own project work as well as the projects of their fellow students and successively build competence in creating the methodical framework for a content strategy.

Mode of delivery

Project Work (respectively 7 units in the second week of face-to-face instruction and on the second face-to-face weekend), individual practice-based project or independent part of a practical project. Ongoing monitoring and feedback by the adviser. Final presentation for the adviser and a second examiner.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Knowledge and skills dependent on the previous semesters and partially on the content of the current semester

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluation and grading by the adviser and the second examiner