Content-Strategie / Content Strategy

Markenwerte, Botschaftsarchitektur und strategische Kommunikation

Integrierte Lehrveranstaltung, 4.00 ECTS



The importance of brand values and core messages for organizational communication; differentiation between brand values, communication goals, and core messages; using the method of card sorting for identifying and prioritizing communication goals and core messages; the impact of content and content strategy on the organization and its development; content strategy in relation to PR and marketing in an organization as well as in relation to the strategic overall development of the organization; duties and responsibilities of content strategists within the organization; soft skills and communications behavior when dealing with co-workers and the management; executive functions of content strategists, co-ordinating employees and teams; best practices.


Explore brand-driven content strategy: its inputs; its impact on visual design, copywriting, and user experience design; and the techniques and processes you can use to integrate it into user experience design in both online and offline applications—including print, social media, and other interactive experiences. You’ll learn how to use content strategy to help your company and clients establish and maintain engaging, brand-appropriate engagements with their target audiences, and how to sustain them over time.

- Clearly explain the value of content strategy to design, information architecture, copywriting, social media strategy, creative direction, and other disciplines.
- Articulate and present a message architecture, and be able to facilitate an exercise to create a message architecture.
- Use a message architecture to inform a content audit and assess the value of “good” content in a website or other ecosystem.
- Develop an editorial calendar of content types and channels to manifest an organization’s communication goals.


Margot Bloomstein: Content Strategy at Work
Kristina Halvorson, Melissa Rach: Content Strategy for the Web
Sara Wachter-Boetcher: Content Everywhere: Strategy and structure for Future-Ready Content


Watch and/or attend lectures, read assigned readings, collaborate in groups, present in class or by video.
Documentation of content per session, quality assurance through teacher's feedback, update  of documentation.


Students should work on all the e-tivities.