Content-Strategie / Content Strategy

Content Modelling und Styleguides

Integrierte Lehrveranstaltung, 4.00 ECTS



The course delves into the details of how to architect a content ecosystem, when there is a technical component to the content strategy. A content model is a representation of the types of content and their inter-relationships, represented in a document that describes the proposed content model and explains the use of components in a standard way. The course will demonstrate how to analyse editorial structures, and extrapolate related semantic technical structures that can be implemented in content management systems. The course covers various aspects of developing a content model that begin with domain modelling, customer journeys, taxonomies, content types, and content flows. Students will also learn the effect on writing styles to ensure that content can be re-used within the content model for publishing to multiple channels.


The aim is to examine all the components of a content model, understand how they work together, and how to use the model to accrue business benefits from content.

 The course will cover the following aspects of content modelling:
- Understand the business objectives that can be influenced by a content model (such as multichannel delivery, omnichannel marketing, personalised content, adaptive content)
- How to use genre analysis to categorise content
- Learn how to create a domain model
- Use customer journeys to inform the content model
- Contribute terms to a taxonomy to enable the model
- Develop content types that aggregate into a content model
- Develop content flows that explain how to implement content types
- Analyse the editorial aspects of content


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Mixture of presentations by the presenters and e-tivities that culminate into a content model.


Discussion of the presentations, practical exercises.