Content Strategy

Organisationskommunikations- und PR-Forschung

Vorlesung, 2.00 ECTS



The participants recognize the mechanisms of communication through companies, organizations and individuals. They understand the new, changed communication framework in the digital age and are able to assess the strategic importance of (online) PR in organizational communication.

They are familiar with the role of PR in predigital times, the three dimensions of modern PR, the newsroom as a mindset, the role of monitoring and influencer analysis and are therefore in a position to position these strategically.

They will learn about and critically reflect on O-Comm and PR theories and key concepts and apply these to selected case study issues.


• How the Internet, Social Media and changing media consumption challenge Corporate Communications.
• Communication in the predigital space and the interaction of Push & Pull
• Online profiling over the dimensions: integrated, cross-media and networking
• The logic of the newsroom as a mindset and form of organization.
• The change of perspective from inside-out to outside-in from target-group to an issue centered approach.
• The role of the content hub as a leading medium and the interaction of owned, earned, paid and shared as follow-up instruments
• The role of employees, influencers and bloggers as multiplicators
• The interaction of own and third party content and the role of monitoring, content curation and user-generated content
• O-Comm theories & concepts, the ambidextruous organizations, leadership strategies

Lernergebnisse der LV

1. Ability to plan, implement and control corporate communications strategically and in line with the company's (business) strategy.
2. Understanding the interplay of integrated, cross-media and networked communication.
3. Curiosity and willingness to explore, try out and reflect on trends and the constant evolution of communication.
The participants will be given tools and guidance to plan and implement communication in companies and organizations strategically and operationally.

Empfohlene oder verpflichtende Fachliteratur und andere Lernressourcen bzw. –instrumente

In addition to the recommended literature, students are expected to read relevant Online PR blogs. Literature and online resources on studies, surveys, whitepapers, trend monitors, and practical use cases are available in the Zotero course folder.

Art der Vermittlung

Group activity in form of e-tivities, webinars, face-to-face instruction, feedback by instructors, update of documentation

Voraussetzungen und Begleitbedingungen

Semester 1 and 2, Content Marketing and Community Management in Semester 3

Prüfungsmethode und Beurteilungskriterien