Content-Strategie / Content Strategy


Projektarbeit, 10.00 ECTS



The course is mainly about becoming familiar with the steps to be taken during the process of a content strategy project. The project has to be completed within a narrow time-frame. Most of all, the students get to know the interconnectedness of the topics of the semester and real-world projects. The course is oriented towards the methods that have been taught in the workshop "Introduction to Content Strategy".


After this course, the students are able to practically apply methods and knowledge from other courses in the first semester and show that they are able to develop a content strategy project in a way that is method-driven. They are also able to document and share the experience gained.
They learn how to evaluate and optimize their own project work as well as the projects of their fellow students and successively build competence in creating the methodical framework for a content strategy.
They learn how to integrate feedback from practitioners in order to determine their future learning path (in close connection with the course Open Space and Portfolio 1: The Web as a Publishing Platform).


Casey, M. (2015). The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right. New Riders.
Halvorson, K., & Rach, M. (2012). Content Strategy for the Web (Second edition). New Riders.
Nichols, K., & Rockley, A. (2015). Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide. XML Press.


- Project-oriented learning method by carrying out and documenting a project in the student´s professional context
- Presentations and (individual) feedback by supervisors
- Discussion of project works and continuous reflecting of the outcomes as a group
- Group work or individual work.


Evaluation of the process and the outcome of the project.