Content-Strategie / Content Strategy

Empirisches Projekt zur Internetforschung

Projektarbeit, 10.00 ECTS



This course will give an overview of the basics of empirical social research, focussing of quantitative social research.

The course consists of two parts, now following a short description of these parts:

In the first part we focus on general basics of social research and following topics will be discussed:
 a) Overview of challenges and problems of social research
 b) Constructing and formulating of representative research designs  
 c) Basics of qualitative and quantitative research and the main differences between these two approaches
 d.) Formulation of scientific hypotheses, types of hypotheses.

The second part will deal with basics of quantitative research with following topics:
a) Constructing of questionnaires, types of items and labels etc.
b) Univariate and bivariate data analysis: central measures, correlation analysis and types of correlation;
c) Data collection and data analysis: working with software R: data entry, data preparation and data evaluation.


After completing this course, students will
a) have a basic understanding of qualitative and especially of quantitative methodologies and techniques,
b) be able to design and realise small quantitative research projects in the field of Content Strategy and will
c) be able to work with R with analysing and interpreting quantitative data.


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(Online-)Lectures and individual work.


Students will have 4 e-tivities / tasks to complete during the course.