Content-Strategie / Content Strategy

XML und Content Management 1

Übung, 2.00 ECTS



The goal of this course is to give a basic understanding of the essential characteristics of XML.


After the course the students should be able to read the source code of XML documents and they will know typical use cases for XML in the context of publishing and content management. They should better understand some general characteristics of markup languages and be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the use of XML for structured content.


Provided by the lecturer in the course.


The course will start with an introduction to XML. After that the students will prepare a presentation of an XML document type and write an article about this type.


The grading will depend to the same extent on:
participation in the discussions,
the presentation of an XML document type,
the article about this document type.

Particularly good performances with one of these elements can compensate for worse performances with another. In any case, however, all three services must be provided in order to receive a positive grade.