Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Project Management and Evaluation of Software Solutions

Integrated course, 2.50 ECTS


Course content

Part 1: Fundamentals of R&D project management
- Basic terms and phases
- norms and standards
- methods and tools
- Basics of agile project management
- Communication, presentation and moderation
- crisis management
Part 2: Funding projects
- An important basis for funding projects
- Important funding agencies and funding channels
Part 3: Software-based project management
- Software for planning, controlling and controlling projects
- Software-based project management in practice
Part 4: Evaluation of software solutions
- Important evaluation criteria for software in the field of data science
- Established state-of-the-art platforms and software solutions

Learning outcomes

Students understand the basics of R&D project management and are able to apply these basics efficiently and effectively in practical project management. They understand the basics of funding projects and are also able to use suitable software solutions for planning, managing and controlling projects. The students know the central criteria for the evaluation of platforms and software solutions in the field of data science as well as the currently most important solutions from well-known providers, whose potential they can also assess themselves.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Recommended literature or books:
- American Psychological Association (2009). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. American Psychological Association, revised edition.
- Dall, M. (2009). Sicher präsentieren - wirksamer vortragen. Redline, Hardback edition.
- Krogerus, M., Tschäppeler, R. (2017). 50 Erfolgsmodelle - Kleines Handbuch für strategische Entscheidungen - Neuausgabe. Kein & Aber, 3rd edition.
- Preußig, J. (Agiles Projektmanagement: Scrum, Use Cases, Task Boards & Co. (Haufe TaschenGuide). Haufe, 2nd edition.
- Rosenstock, J. (2016). Microsoft Project 2016: Das umfassende Handbuch. Inkl. Project Server und Project Online. Rheinwerk Computing, 3rd edition.
- Sutherland, J. (2014). Scrum: A revolutionary approach to building teams, beating deadlines and boosting productivity. Cornerstone Digital, 1st edition.
Recommended journals or selected articles:
- Project Management Austria (PMA, 2008): PM Baseline. Version 3.0.
- International Project Management Association (IPMA, 2006): ICB - IPMA-Kompetenzrichtlinie. Version 3.0.

Other relevant journals and articles will be announced in the courses.

Typical software for this module:
Microsoft Project, Asana, LaTeX/TeXworks/TeXnic Center, Microsoft PowerPoint etc.

Other relevant software solutions will be announced in the courses.

Mode of delivery

1,25 ECTS Lecture, 1,25 ECTS Exercise

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Module 9 and 10

Assessment methods and criteria

Lecture: final exam; Exercise: examination character