Dietetics and Nutrition

Reflection on Practical Experience 1

Seminar, 0.50 ECTS


Course content

The students present, reflect on and evaluate selected physiotherapy processes carried out during the placement in terms of professional, methodological and social communicative competence and ethical behaviour. They recognize the strengths and weaknesses of sequences of thought and action from discussion with students and instructors. They experience critical reflection as empowerment as they develop as physiotherapists.

Learning outcomes

The students learn interdisciplinary communication competence in various therapeutic settings. Cognitive level: The students broaden the spectrum of therapeutic methods for tactile and verbal communication. Psychomotor level: The students use methods for instructing and controlling the process of therapeutic practice. They practise presenting the physiotherapy process in an interdisciplinary context. Affective level: They consolidate their ability to reflect and discuss therapeutic action in multidisciplinary teams in an academic setting.

Mode of delivery


Assessment methods and criteria

Ongoing assessment