Dietetics and Nutrition

Food Hygiene

Integrated course, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

The students
- know the principles of food hygiene, especially food microbiology, reproduction conditions in food and bacterial food poisoning
- are familiar with the relevant requirements in kitchen hygiene and disinfection
- are familiar with the HACCP concept and can apply it in practice
- are familiar with the hygiene guidelines in special facilities, e.g. sterile room, milk kitchen
- know the principles of microbiological analysis and assessment criteria for food and can apply these in the lab under instruction
- are familiar with the forms and causes of spoilage and methods of conservation
- are familiar with the requirements for food packaging
- are familiar with basic aspects of environmental hygiene and environmental protection.

Learning outcomes

In this module students acquire basic knowledge of food hygiene and food preparation. Theoretical basics of food hygiene, food microbiology, food spoilage, kitchen hygiene and the HACCP concept are applied in practical exercises and in food preparation. The students learn basic kitchen terminology and apply their knowledge in the preparation of basic recipes and in creating and modifying recipes. The principles of food hygiene and nutrition and food service management is a solid basis for advanced practical modules in a preventive and dietetic context.

The students
- are familiar with the fundamentals of food microbiology and hygiene
- are familiar with the relevant requirements in kitchen hygiene, disinfection and the HACCP concept and can apply these in practice
- are familiar with kitchen terminology and are able to use it properly
- know basic recipes of meal components and cooking methods and can apply them in practice
- know basic aspects of creating and modifying recipes and can apply them correctly

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Books, journals and relevant current primary literature will be announced by the lecturers at the start of the course or are included in the relevant syllabus.

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites


Assessment methods and criteria