Dietetics and Nutrition

Seminar Bachelor Thesis 1

Seminar, 4.00 ECTS


Course content

In small groups and using peer-assisted learning and blended learning, the students are assisted in the preparation of the first bachelor thesis. These methods allow the students to improve the application of scientific methods and deepening the techniques of scientific work. Adequate communication of results and findings (writing for the readers, presentation and presentation of the results) will be also strengthened.

Learning outcomes

The students
- expand and deepen the process of scientific writing on a specific topic in the context of the bachelor thesis and thus expand the knowledge in the professional field of dietetics
- implement the principles of good scientific practice
- know the structure of a scientific work and the relationship and function of the individual parts to each other and apply them in their own bachelor thesis
- can formulate research questions scientifically correct in a timely frame
- are able to appropriately evaluate scientific references, interpret them in relation to their research question and present and discuss the results correctly
- tranfer scientific knowledge into a new context, establish possible relationships and reflect critically on the results

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

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Mode of delivery

- face-to-face (lessons in small groups)
- self-study (bachelor thesis)

Prerequisites and co-requisites

not applicable.

Assessment methods and criteria

- Assessment of Bachelor thesis 1