Electronics and Computer Engineering

Data Structures & Algorithms

Integrated course, 4.00 ECTS


Course content

- Integer arithmetics
- Sorting and selection
- Hash tables
- Graph representation
- Shortest paths
- Practical examples

Learning outcomes

- are proficient in advanced programming techniques
- are familiar with the structure of operating systems,
- are proficient in the basic mechanisms for the implementation of real-time systems
- are familiar with the major programming techniques in terms of data structures and algorithms.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

- Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne: Operating System Concepts with C & C++
- Tanenbaum: Modern Operating Systems
- Tanenbaum: Structured Computer Organization
- Melhorn, Sanders: Algorithms and Data structures
- Sedgewick, Sanders: Algorithms
- ACM Transactions in Embedded Computing Systems

Mode of delivery

Integrated course

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Microcontroller Architecture and Programming

Assessment methods and criteria

Continuous assessment