Electronics and Computer Engineering

Project Management

Seminar, 1.00 ECTS



- project definition, project types, project orientation, project management approach - project scoping and project context analysis - roles within a project, demands on project manager and team members - performance planning using a work breakdown structure - time scheduling - resource and cost planning - project manual Exercises give students the opportunity to prepare the planning documents for the project.


Graduates - are familiar with methods and processes of project management, - know the principles of project planning, project organisation and project controlling, - are able to prepare a project manual and the relevant planning documents and - have English communication skills with varying emphasis being placed on the four basic skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing).


Books: - Sterrer, Winkler: Setting milestones: Projektmanagement; Methoden, Prozesse, Hilfsmittel - Brieger, Pohl: Technical English - Cotton, Falvey: Market Leader - Mascull: Business Vocabulary in Use - Swan; Walter C.: How English Works - Murphy: English Grammar in Use Journals: - Business Spotlight - IEEE Spectrum

Learning Method

Integrated course, exercises 50%


Continuous assessment