Apply to study with us as an asylum seeker

Apply to study with us as a refugee

Natanja C. Pascottini,

You are a refugee and want to study at FH JOANNEUM? We will show you how. Here is our how-to guide.

We will try to support you with your application to study at FH JOANNEUM as much as possible. As a refugee, you are exempt from paying tuition fees. We will find a solution even if you do not have any documents. You can make an appointment with our Course Guidance team to discuss your situation and the opportunities on offer. As an international student, especially our engineering courses will provide you with good job opportunities.


The first step is the same for anyone wishing to study at FH JOANNEUM: You need to apply to us. The application must meet certain requirements. Our blog article ‘How do I get in?’ explains what these requirements are. If you do not have the required documents or if your documents have not been translated or certified, you will also need to include the following:

  • A description of your education and situation, ideally in the letter of application (qualifications, name of former school, university etc.)
  • A list of the documents which you cannot provide
  • Proof of your successful application for asylum or your current asylum status

Verification of your educational background

All applicants must meet specific entry requirements. These include providing proof of your educational background. If your documents have not been translated or certified or if you do not have any documents, we will find another way of obtaining proof of your educational background. This can be done in two ways:

Verification by our division of Continuing Education, Study Administration and Study Law
Our team seeks to establish the Austrian equivalent of your educational background by using databases and asking the relevant ministry.


If you claim to have completed secondary education in your homeland, this verification process will be similar to a secondary school leaving examination in several subjects.

If you are applying for a master degree programme, an interview or written assessment of your knowledge will take place based on your stated educational background (usually a bachelor’s degree).

If only specific areas of knowledge are lacking, such as maths, you can catch up by taking an additional assessment.

The admissions process

If your educational background and entrance qualifications can be proven by the above verification process, you can proceed to our admissions process.
Exception: If the course is taught in German and you do not yet have sufficient knowledge of the German language, you will be entitled (along with our regular international students) to take part in the German Language Competence Course. This will enable you to reach Level B2 which is required for most of our degree programmes. Then you will be able to take part in the regular admissions process the following year.

In our applications process, it does not matter if you are Austrian, European, an international student or a refugee. Everyone is treated the same and everyone has the same opportunities. The following blog articles explain our admissions process and its specific features.