Berlin Exkursion IND Studierende
© Danner Christina & Berger Katharina

Berlin Excursion of Information Design Students

Christina Danner & Katharina Berger,

In October 2019, the Information Design students spent a week in Berlin. On the one hand we expected a lot of inspiration, on the other hand we wanted to make contacts which could be advantageous for our future careers in the fields of Interaction and Media Design.

Our program included visits to museums, many different production companies and creative studios, but also enough time to explore the city on our own. One thing has to be said – Berlin is a versatile, extraordinary and above all interesting city, where some of us can perfectly imagine doing an internship or working there in the future. During the first few days, three museums were on our program. In the Deutsche Kinemathek and in the Museum für Kommunikation we were able to gather a lot of input for our own projects and got an insight into the history of the media we work with today.

We were also astonished when we visited the Museum of Technology. Between airplanes from the Second World War and old railway wagons we tested a Camera Obscura and were amazed at various findings in medical technology. However, the main focus of our excursion was on visiting several studios and agencies, with some of which the FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences has been in contact for many years. In the studio Zeitguised and at 908-Video Julius and Stephan showed us extraordinary work in the field of 3D animation. Both at ART+COM and at Atelier Tamschick, we were presented major projects in the fields of exhibition design and interaction.

OMStudios CEO Timor introduced us to the world of virtual reality and gave us insights into the most modern technologies they work with themselves. During our visit at Rainbow Unicorn, Christian showed us his work in print and web design and told us in all honesty about the advantages and disadvantages of setting up your own studio. Sascha, who greeted us at IXDS with a broad grin, showed us exciting projects in the field of interaction design. In addition to the lectures, we also were offered guided tours through the offices, which couldn't be more different. In every studio, the contact persons in the studios made a lot of time for our questions and discussions, which really pleased us very much. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again.

On Wednesday, October 9th, in addition to our program, the opening ceremony of the Chapter Berlin took place. This served to facilitate the networking with graduates living abroad and to contribute to the establishment of the FH JOANNEUM network in the international arena. We were also invited to this event and were allowed to spend an evening with talks from the German civil engineer and Architects Werner Sobek, the rector of Graz University of Technology Harald Kainz and also our course director Karl Stocker.

In short, the excursion to Berlin was an eventful week in which students of the major Interaction Design as well as Media Design really got their money's worth.