Duales Studium oder die hervorragende Zusammenarbeit von Hochschule und Unternehmen 1

Cooperative education or the excellent collaboration between universities and companies

Eva-Maria Kienzl,

Mobile Software Development is the new co-op Bachelor’s degree programme that starts in autumn 2018. KNAPP is one of the companies to offer training positions for the course.

Studying or working? The students of co-op degree courses do not have to make this decision. Cooperative education or work-integrated learning combines theoretical training at a university of applied sciences with extensive practical periods at a partner company. This makes co-op degree programmes a prime example of our close cooperation with companies.

Industrial companies are integrated into the course; this starts with the company’s statement of intent to make a training position available before the student starts the course and continues until after graduation, when graduates often gain permanent employment at that company. In addition to theoretical knowledge acquisition at the university, students also gain practical skills in the training company, with the two parts being perfectly aligned.

KNAPP AG is a global player in the field of intralogistics with which we have had a close working relationship for a number of years. For instance, every year students enter the KNAPP Coding Contest, which gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. The objective is to find the fastest and best possible solution for a programming task from everyday logistics. The new co-op degree course has further strengthened this cooperation. KNAPP will make training positions available.

“FH JOANNEUM graduates are well qualified and therefore very welcome as student employees in many divisions at KNAPP. They have valuable theoretical knowledge, are eager to learn and offer fresh ideas and new input. This benefits both parties and in a lot of cases the traineeship leads to employment”

Anna Braun, Human Resources Business Partner at KNAPP

Cooperative education in IT
As digitalisation advances, the demand for IT experts increases. The Mobile Software Development degree programme trains 30 new IT experts each year. The close cooperation between the university and the partner company facilitates a continuous exchange of information. The aim is to work together in order to train the budding IT experts in line with the needs of the company. Students can explore current company issues as part of projects or in their Bachelor’s thesis.

In addition to Mobile Software Development, FH JOANNEUM also offers co-op degree courses in Production Technology and Organisation (Bachelor’s) and in Engineering and Production Management (Master's). In the past fifteen years, more than 350 students graduated from one of these two courses at FH JOANNEUM.