ECHO Designausstellung

ECHO Design Exhibition


ECHO is not only an acoustic phenomenon, but also the resonance that art evokes in the viewer.

From Wednesday, the 29th of January 2020 untl Saturday, the 1st of February 2020 the esc was an exhibition space for the students of Communication, Sound-, Media- and Interactiondesign of the year 2018. The opening of the exhibition on the night of the 29th was extremely well-attended.

ECHO was the name of an interdisciplinary design exhibition that brought together works by students of the master's degree course "Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design" in a common context. In a scientific sense, "Echo" only refers to the reflection of a sound wave – but in this exhibition the boundaries of the term were expanded. Creative works also generate an echo, a resonance in recipients; each person changes the original meaning through their own interpretation. Just as the echo itself is constantly changing and spreading, the students wanted their works and ideas to be seen and heard, experienced but also considered, discussed and passed on. In this way the actual auditory process was made visible in this exhibition.

The topic of ECHO was interpreted in an various ways by the students of the different majors. The ECHO was not only treated as an acoustic phenomenon, but also as the resonance that art evokes in the viewer.

On all the days the exhbtion was running, there were additional presentations of the students. Among other things, they talked about the basic design concept behind the "ECHO" exhibition. But individual exhibits were discussed as well and the process of their creation was described in detail.

Video about the exhibition: watch on vimeo