Exchange students meet FH JOANNEUM
Dolores and Yao are taking part in an exchange programme at FH JOANNEUM. Photo: FH JOANNEUM

Exchange students meet FH JOANNEUM

Viktoria Stallinger & Jasmin Hebenstreit,

In January 2021 two students from West Africa, Dolores and Yao, arrived in Graz in order to spend an exchange semester at the Institute of International Management of FH JOANNEUM. They had to stay two weeks in quarantine, but now they could come to the university for the first time. The pandemic has not prevented them from living their dreams.

Neya Aimee Dolores Yeda from Burkina Faso

In South Africa Dolores studies “Computer Science and Entrepreneurship” at the Burkina Institute of Technology (BIT) in Koudougou. The following semester she wants to study at FH JOANNEUM because she met Doris Kiendl, Chair of the Institute of International Management, at her university. “I was impressed by the way she taught the course on entrepreneurship”, she said. She did not hesitate when she became the opportunity to become part of the Ernst Mach Grant’s programme.

Dolores expectations from the following semester abroad are high. She wants to learn a lot, discover how to teach, and come out of the exchange “with a lot of knowledge and a mentality that will serve her country”. FH JOANNEUM was therefore the best decision to make in order to discover new horizons. After the journey she is absolutely sure to be a role model for her younger brothers and who will follow in her footsteps.

“I was impressed by the way she taught the course on entrepreneurship.”

Neya Aimee Dolores Yeda
Yao from Benin

Yao also studies in Koudougou at the Burkina Institute of Technology. His main motive for choosing FH JOANNEUM for an exchange semester was that he wanted to explore the world. “It is the only place I found that could offer me the opportunity to benefit from a global networked multicultural environment in order to learn and grow”, he said.

There is a wide range that he wants to learn in this programme. From learning about various subjects including international marketing techniques, intercultural skills, information management to facing global competition and supply chain management – these are a few of Yao’s expectations. Moreover, he is thinking of a following master's programme. Like Dolores he also wants to be a role model of the exchange programme in his country. “I am already falling in love with the city of Graz. All the people I have met so far are either native citizens or foreigners and they are all very friendly”, he said.

We wish Dolores and Yao a wonderful exchange semester in Graz! May all your wishes come true.