Green Skills Game – Penjii protects the planet! 4

Green Skills Game – Penjii protects the planet!

Stefanie Egger,

At LABUKA, the Book Island the tablet-game “Penjii protects the planet!” was presented. The game was developed as part of the EU-funded project Promoting Green Skills Through Games.

On the 5th of November, Maja Pivec, Anika Kronberger and Ursula Lagger, Institute of Design & Communication, presented the tablet game "Penjii protects the planet!" at the Stadtbibliothek Graz West. The topics of climate change and environmental pollution are conveyed to children from the elementary to the early secondary level in a playful way. In addition to advice on how to shape their lives sustainably, "Penjii protects the planet" also teaches children how certain decisions affect the global climate. The different levels are designed to promote sustainable thinking and Green Skills. In different environments such as Antarctica or on the beach, the specific problems with which the respective region is confronted are addressed.

In order to promote the integration of the game into lessons, statistics and scores can be viewed via the teachers' portal and the children's learning progress can thus be evaluated. In addition, it offers the possibility of activating individual levels for the pupils.

"Penjii protects the planet" was developed in the course of the EU-funded project Promoting Green Skills through Games, in cooperation with FH JOANNEUM, the Cork Institute of Technology, Prospektiker, Pins and Caped Koala.

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