Wie die FH JOANNEUM den Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung begegnet
Digitalisation specialists receive training on several Master’s courses at FH JOANNEUM. (© FH JOANNEUM / Stefan Leitner)

How FH JOANNEUM tackles the challenges of digitalisation

Natanja Christina Pascottini,

Binary code is everywhere in our living environment. And it gives rise to numerous new possibilities as well as challenges. FH JOANNEUM offers several Master’s courses which train experts in exploiting these possibilities and tackling the challenges.

Challenge: Data masses
‘Big Data’ is a term which we encounter almost every day. FH JOANNEUM will launch a work-friendly Master’s degree programme in Data and Information Science in autumn 2018, subject to approval by the relevant bodies. A forward-thinking course with exceptional career prospects for those with a passion for mathematics and with IT skills – because data quantities are not getting any smaller and experts are urgently needed.

Challenge: The health system
The health sector is another part of life where digitalisation is increasingly making its mark. The students on the work-friendly Master’s in eHealth play an important role in shaping our health and social care system. They are conducting research into smart technologies and furthering their knowledge of specialist fields such as public health, health technology assessment and evidence-based medicine. Their Master’s theses have produced an exciting range of reading and visual materials which have received many awards.

Challenge: Management
Information and communication technologies are factors for success in modern economic life, based on the motto of ‘IT drives the business’. The work-friendly Master’s in Information Management trains specialists who know how to combine IT with management. The wide range of topics covered ranges from corporate management and organisation to software engineering, e-security, multimedia product development and much more.

Challenge: Security
Data – both personal data and data required for business success – needs to be both processed and protected. This is a topic being addressed by graduates of the part-time Master’s course in IT & Mobile Security. They are also working to protect networks and systems and developing innovative approaches to greater IT security – using knowledge acquired in classes during which they themselves take on the role of hackers.

Challenge: Legal aspects
The part-time Master’s degree in IT Law & Management provides comprehensive expertise for IT graduates as well as graduates of business administration and law degrees. Our environment and everyday lives (both private and professional) are becoming increasingly digitalised. This raises questions relating to contract law, software licences, IT governance & compliance, e-business and media law which graduates of this course are exploring.