Internationales Flair an der FH JOANNEUM 1

International flair at FH JOANNEUM

Eva-Maria Kienzl,

This coming semester will see the arrival of 189 international students – more than ever before. Our orientation packages help them find their way around the three FH JOANNEUM campuses.

The corridors at FH JOANNEUM are slowly filling up. The health courses have already started and some of the students are preparing for the upcoming exams while new students are attending preparatory courses. All 189 international students have also been out and about on campus this week too. Most are exchange students spending one or two semesters here. The others are degree-seeking students (a growing number) who will complete their full course with us. There are plenty of experiences to be had here during the initial period. Our orientation programmes mark the beginning of their time at FH JOANNEUM.

Monday morning. There is a mix of languages in the foyer – some familiar and some completely unfamiliar. The international students are here and have brought lots of different experiences with them. They have a lot to discover and explore before the courses officially start. The week begins with a communal breakfast where they receive support from the International Relations department and learn about any final formalities before the course begins, find out about studying at FH JOANNEUM and socialise with each other.

Organisational support, sightseeing and fun
Studying is not just about studying. Our exchange students all have experience of the university processes already but, like all course beginners, have plenty of questions such as: Where is the library? How can I check my timetable? What additional courses are on offer? All of these questions are explained in the orientation packages for international students. And not just that: this week, we will all take a trip to Graz together, visit Eggenberg Palace not far from FH JOANNEUM, explore the campus in Graz with a treasure hunt and at the end of the week, sample some delicious treats at the Zotter chocolate factory. And another highlight: a pub quiz where international students can compete against one another in teams and put their knowledge to the test!

189 international students – a record
From Albania to Vietnam – the international students coming to FH JOANNEUM for the winter semester of 2018/19 are from 57 countries in total. The most students hopped on a flight to Austria from Russia. The most popular institute among the international exchange students is International Management. This institute offers a special study programme for exchange students, the Global Business Programme. But the 189 students are not just based in Graz: 31 of them are attending a course in Kapfenberg and 18 will spend their semester abroad in Bad Gleichenberg.


The International Relations department provides support for exchange students and international degree-seeking students throughout their time at FH JOANNEUM. Exchange students can find all the important information they need here. International degree-seeking students can find out more here.