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Jayvilyn Dela Cruz studies „System Test Engineering“ at the Institute of Engineering.

It’s really important to know what you really enjoy learning


In October 2019, our new Master’s Course System Test Engineering started at the Institute of Engineering at FH JOANNEUM in Graz, which is unique in Europe. Who might describe this stunning and hands-on course programme better than one of its students? Miss Jayvilyn Dela Cruz (35) started studying System Test Engineering last autumn and has some exciting insights both in studies and in the testing sector in international companies.

Why are you studying "System Test Engineering"?

Jayvilyn Dela Cruz: Throughout my career in the Semiconductor Industry, I have always been fascinated at how the technical people (e.g. Engineers, Designers…) come up with several automation techniques from fabricating wafers to embedding thousands of transistors that make up several circuits to electrically testing the dice to assembling these integrated chips into the final product. Each and every step consists of different systems depending on the application, size or package type. My line of work is mainly involved in doing electrical tests of products and analysing the production test results. When I saw the curriculum of the Master’s course System Test Engineering at FH JOANNEUM, I knew it was one of those rare opportunities that I must grab to attain technical passion and hunger for continuous learning. Through the course, I hope to have a deeper understanding for System Testing and Integration which I can apply in my work.

What makes "System Test Engineering" special as a study course?

In my opinion, the Master’s Course System Test Engineering offered by FH JOANNEUM is unique because it is tailored especially for Electronics and Automotive Industries and the curriculum closely reflects the practices of these industries. For working students with experience on the semiconductor field such as myself, this makes it special because the course will help us advance our careers further.

What do you enjoy most about studying? Which courses have been the most informative so far?

The most informative courses for me are the programming subjects, simply because it is not part of my usual employment work and which I consider to be refreshing. I think that generating ideas and implementing the software to complete the system, are very effective ways to stimulate me to think logically. I realized programming can be applied in various ways to implement automation to make the work more efficient

There are a lot of opportunities right in the field of testing says Jayvilyn Dela Cruz.
How do you manage to balance your job and your studies?

For me, it is challenging to balance work and school, but having priority settings and strictly following time schedules help a lot. The priority settings are often based on project deadlines at school or urgency of work, and sometimes I consider the time in which I can accomplish one task. For instance, if there are exams I must prepare for, I will try to free up my workload by postponing other tasks to the next days or the following week. Of course, at the weekends I often reward myself with a small nature trip or with meeting my friends to set a change of environment and lighten the mood.

How do you think about your career prospects in the field of testing with your studies?

With the significant advancement in technology, there are a lot of opportunities right in the field of testing. Products are being continuously developed by companies and are becoming more complex, therefore more people are needed to automate and find ways to test these complex devices.

What tips would you give to those interested in studying?

It’s really important to know what you really enjoy learning. Make sure that the decision you take is always realistic.