Von der Bedeutung des kritischen Denkens 1
Ingrid Kornberger, graduate in Journalism and Public Relations (PR), head of the APA editorial office in Graz. (© FH JOANNEUM / Marija Kanizaj)

On the importance of critical thinking

Eva-Maria Kienzl,

From Journalism and Public Relations (PR) graduate at FH JOANNEUM to head of the editorial office of the Styrian APA – this is Ingrid Kornberger’s stellar career path. In this short interview she talks about her career and looks back on her time as a student.

The Austria Press Agency (APA) is the national news agency and the leading information provider in Austria. The things that Ingrid Kornberger and her colleagues write, record, film or graphically design are sent out to the leading national editorial offices. The topics are further elaborated and can then often be found in newspapers, on the radio or on TV.

What do you like best about your work?
Ingrid Kornberger: “Every day I have the opportunity to expand my knowledge through my work and explain complex matters in a simple way. My job is never boring.”

Did your training at FH JOANNEUM prepare you for the world of work?
Ingrid Kornberger: “In the first semesters at FH JOANNEUM in particular I learned a lot of the basics about what the APA does and about writing reports as well as critical thinking. A highlight of my degree course were the practical research tasks with Dr Gabriele Russ, who also happens to be one of my predecessors as office manager at the APA Graz. Her seminars were an inspiration for my professional career. The mandatory internship has very much helped me make the transition into professional work. It was the springboard for my current position.”

How did you come to be head of the Styrian office?
Ingrid Kornberger: “I did my mandatory internship during my degree at FH JOANNEUM at the APA Graz office and I was then given a permanent job. Eight years later, the position of APA office manager APA came up. I applied and was accepted.”

What have been your experiences with students and graduates of FH JOANNEUM?
Ingrid Kornberger: “The things we appreciate about the students at FH JOANNEUM is that they usually already have a lot of practical experience, they are self-confident and are soon able to work independently. We currently have several FH JOANNEUM graduates working in the APA editorial offices. They impress with their practice-oriented training. I myself am one of the first Journalism and Public Relations (PR) graduates.”

Do you have any tips for students?
Ingrid Kornberger: “Choose your internships well and show that you have a thirst of knowledge and are resourceful and creative. In journalism, you can’t be shy, you have to ask questions and get involved.”

The Institute of Journalism and Public Relations has been working with the APA for years. “This working relationship is essential for us, because the news agency relays all current world affairs in words and pictures”, says Head of Institute Heinz M. Fischer.