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Our Masterplan

Natanja C. Pascottini,

At FH JOANNEUM, we offer over 20 Master’s degree programmes and 10 postgraduate Master’s courses to meet a range of requirements. Here are 10 reasons why a Master’s course is both extremely interesting and packed with advantages.

Expanding competence: Students can specialise as part of the Master’s course and focus on areas of their own specific interest. Social and intercultural skills are important on the employment market in addition to acquiring the latest specialist knowledge. Some Master’s degree programmes are therefore taught in English. It is also possible to spend part of the time abroad.

Career and studies in harmony: The seven part-time Master’s degree programmes enable students to build on their theory-based knowledge at the same time as having a full-time job. The eight work-friendly courses were developed at FH JOANNEUM to enable Master’s students to apply their knowledge in a practical environment on two to three days a week while at the same time expanding their knowledge at university. The two co-op courses offer a special form of training with alternating phases of theory and practice at a training company. Full-time courses complete the offer and enable students to focus solely on their studies.

Research projects: We are setting new standards with our research projects. Our Master’s students are able to further develop their knowledge in various fascinating scientific fields: from Applied Computer Sciences to Building, Energy & Society, Engineering, Health Studies, Management and Media & Design. Examples can be found over the next few pages.

A better network: A Master’s course requires stamina and perseverance. And this is rewarded: in our collaborative projects with companies students get to know potential employers and cooperation partners as well as expanding their own personal and professional network.

Teamwork: Individual support from lecturers and working in small groups – these are the advantages of having a limited number of places. Even with the part-time courses, there is a good sense of team spirit despite students having multiple demands on their time and students benefit from this after graduating.

Open to graduates from various courses: Our Master’s degree programmes are open to graduates from various Bachelor’s courses, for example, business management, environmental systems sciences, law and IT and communication technology. Any lacking qualifications can be acquired in the form of additional exams which may be taken during the course. FH JOANNEUM also offers the opportunity to catch up on any lacking professional expertise during a bridging semester. The fee-based postgraduate Master’s courses provide even broader access.

Postgraduate Master’s courses with career specialisation: 10 part-time postgraduate Master’s courses enable participants to further develop their knowledge in specific fields. One advantage: the admission criteria for the postgraduate Master’s courses can also be met by having several years of relevant professional experience in addition to a university entrance qualification.

E-learning and classroom teaching: The postgraduate Master’s courses and part-time Master’s degree programmes take the form of blocks of lessons in the evening or at weekends along with e-learning, making them ideal for combining with a career. Asynchronous online sessions allow students to organise some of their own time.

Preparing for a doctoral degree: A Master’s course is a step further towards a doctoral degree. There is also an agreement in place which allows employees of FH JOANNEUM with a relevant Master’s degree to complete their doctorate in a technical field at one of the Doctoral Schools of Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in cooperation with FH JOANNEUM.

The next rung on the career ladder: Highly qualified experts are in great demand on the employment market. The expertise acquired during a Master’s course, paired with professional experience, significantly increases the chances of securing a managerial position. And completing a Master’s course also generally pays off in financial terms too.