Sommer, Sonne, Architektur

Summer, sunshine, architecture

Natanja Christina Pascottini,

No Summer of Architecture without FH JOANNEUM: the university is represented at the event with a wide-ranging programme and several of its institutes and projects. Here is an overview.

The second Summer of Architecture event includes a range of talks, tours, installations, experiments and exhibitions taking place from June until September 2018 and which explore our built-up environment. FH JOANNEUM was among the participating institutions in 2015 and is taking part again this year too.

There is a travelling exhibition in Graz between 21 and 29 June 2018. Students from the Architecture Master’s programme are cycling around with mobile exhibitions including photos, videos and other exhibits to exchange ideas with passers-by on perceptions of everyday architecture and urban spaces. See, smell, feel and hear Graz: Students from the Architecture course have developed the ‘wahrnehmBAR’ (perceptible) and ‘FINDlinge’ (boulders) installations in the Schlossbergplatz square which promote a very personal approach to Graz and architecture. Passers-by can enjoy an experience for all the senses.

Construction design
Doric columns and friendly aliens – as part of a class at FH JOANNEUM, students from the Construction Design and Economics course took an analytical walk through Graz and documented the buildings and their rich architectural background on a map. This informative and digital city map is the ideal accompaniment to the Summer of Architecture event. The ‘Planning space or having space planned?’ presentation focuses on our interaction with public space and how it can be influenced by spatial planning and users. On 29 June, the ‘Democracy and Peace on the Street’ conference will explore the example of the Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Strasse.

Exhibition design
The Master’s degree programme in Exhibition Design contributes two projects to the Summer of Architecture. Urban experiments from 11 European cities are the subject of discussion, designed and implemented by designers, initiatives, activists, students and city residents. The interactive ‘Shaping Human Cities Graz’ exhibition explores the possibilities and challenges involved. Over four Sundays from 6 May 2018, up to 20 people will be invited to experience the flavour of the Human Cities projects over 11 courses. And another experience for the senses: perception experiments as part of the ‘Headstrong’ (‘Eigensinnig’) project.

Urban development
What makes a city worth living in? FH JOANNEUM has carried out interdisciplinary research on these factors for several years, especially as part of the Ecotopia project. Visitors to the associated exhibition taking place from 27 July to 7 October 2018 at the GrazMuseum can discover the research results, projects created and an overview of the topic.