Game Dav Days 2019 – Stefan Tscheppe und Maximilian Tauß 4

The Game Dev Days Graz 2019 – A Teacup Full Of Inspiration

Maximilian Tauß & Stefan Tscheppe,

Maximilian Tauß and Stefan Tscheppe, research assistants at the Institute of Design & Communication, visited the Game Dev Days Graz 2019 – a short review.

Bringing back memories from our student days and the exams of these days, Maximilian Tauß and I visited the Inffeld Campus of the Graz University of Technology. The only difference being – last weekend the tough questionnaires and lengthy lectures of back then were exchanged with pleasant conversations and exciting talks as the fourth installation of the Game Dev Days took place there.

Not only the most prominent Austrian game developers, but also developers of international renowned enterprises attended the Game Dev Days Graz 2019. This professional crowd, intermingled with gaming enthusiasts, students and soon-to-be-developers, created a relaxed and at the same time inciting atmosphere. Although the talks were definitely of a high calibre and the main focus of this event, the hearts of the present crowd beat ever so slightly faster when it came to trying out the different exhibited games. The games in various states of development ranged from large projects of well-known studios, over small and artsy indie inventions to promising student concoctions.

Looking over the rim of our teacup filled with all things related to 3D visualization and real-time simulation into the huge world of game development helps us – at the Research and Design Lab of the Institute of Design & Communication – to keep our minds fresh and open to progress and new technological advances.

To use the words of our colleague Simorg Jöller: “So, same time, next year we’ll follow our instincts and go on this pilgrimage again, as our ancestors did eons ago.”