The only way is up 1
Ahmed Younes is studying System Test Engineering at FH JOANNEUM. Photo: Private

The only way is up

Nina Blasonig,

Having experienced much more than others in their whole life Ahmed Younes has found his place in Austria, is working and is passionately studying System Test Engineering.

"Studying the master's degree System Test Engineering is the perfect match with what I do in my part-time job at Infineon Graz!" Ahmad Younes is absolutely happy with the choice of his master's degree programme at FH JOANNEUM. "The current courses and especially Software Environments and Programming perfectly fit to the work in my company".

After 5 semesters of studying Mechatronics at the University of Aleppo, Syria, Ahmad Younes had to flee from his home country with only his little brother and stranded in Austria. Immediately he started to learn German but nevertheless had to start his bachelor's degree programme from scratch whilst already starting to work at Infineon Villach.

I discovered the new master's degree programme System Test Engineering and knew immediately that this was want I wanted to do after having finished the bachelor's.

Ahmad Younes

Work-friendly means that working from Monday to Wednesday mornig (up to 20 hours/week) besides studying is possible

"Obviousely there is not very much time left besides studies and work. But I learned to ski when coming here and in the summer time swimming is my passion."

If there is any advice for prospective students? "They should be passionate for what they are doing. And programming knowledge in C, C++, Python, Lab View is very helpful", he smiles.

What luck means? A person is really lucky when he is born in the right place and has the possibility to realize dreams.

Ahmad Younes