Weiterdenken. Weiterbilden. Weiterkommen.
Ideal for anyone wishing to develop in their career: all of the postgraduate Master’s courses at FH JOANNEUM are structured on a part-time basis. (© FH JOANNEUM / Marion Luttenberger)

Thinking further. Training further. Developing further.

Eva-Maria Kienzl,

Not all Master’s courses are the same: FH JOANNEUM offers postgraduate Master’s courses alongside Master’s degree programmes. Here is an overview of the further training opportunities available to professionals.

Further development, additional qualifications or a benefit on the employment market: all this is offered by the Master’s courses at FH JOANNEUM. People in employment can become experts in their field and acquire new knowledge, allowing them to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in society, technology and the media.

Media & Design
Society is in a state of change: new technologies, new media practices and new audiences are bringing previously unknown challenges – including in terms of communication. The postgraduate Master’s course in Public Communication meets these requirements. Participants address issues such as presentation techniques, media expertise, content strategy and visual communication.

The postgraduate course in Technical Documentation also deals with communication, not in PR but in the technical environment. It focuses on the challenge of clearly explaining complex products and processes. Internationalisation, appropriate targeting and changing legal requirements are all challenges faced by the documentation professionals of the future. The content of this further training offer provides participants with the best possible preparation for future challenges.

The visual age is reaching a whole new dimension. Never before have there been so many different communication channels and media formats which need to be filled with relevant and striking images. Participants of the Master’s in Visual Communication and Image Management delve into the world of images and learn to understand and use these images.

Building Information Modelling
The digital simulation of building design, management and implementation – this is what the term Building Information Modelling is all about. The Master’s course in Integrated Planning Design to be launched in autumn 2018 will focus on digital simulation and the integrated planning of buildings.

New technical possibilities, changing regulations and increased competition on the market: the aviation industry is changing at a rapid pace. Switching to a different field of civil or military aviation, setting up a business or taking on a management role in your company – this is all possible by taking the Air Traffic Management course.

Nutritional Sciences
Collaboration between the fields of dietetics, medicine and other professions is essential to provide patients with adequate support. Doctors and dieticians can receive further training in this field on the Applied Nutrition Medicine course.

The development, application and implementation of EU projects form part of the course in European Project and Public Management. It is aimed at employees of companies, political and public institutions who acquire key project funding through EU projects.

Industry 4.0 and digitalisation are key issues in manufacturing as well as in purchasing. Algorithms and big data enable the comprehensive automation of purchasing and ordering processes. Purchase managers can acquire the necessary expertise on the course in International Supply Management.

Master’s degree programmes and postgraduate Master’s courses: the differences
The postgraduate Master’s courses can be completed without any previous academic degree: applicants must demonstrate several years of professional experience in the relevant sector and a university entrance qualification. The unique themed postgraduate Master’s courses are financed by payment of course fees. At FH JOANNEUM, the postgraduate Master’s courses are developed, audited and approved using an internal quality assurance process in order to ensure the quality of the content. The limited attendance periods on Fridays and Saturdays and the blocks of lessons and e-learning ensure that the courses are ideal for combining a career and family. For other stories and information about the courses in German, see the FH JOURNAL Spezial.


Some Master’s degree programmes at FH JOANNEUM are organised on a part-time, work-friendly or co-op basis and can therefore be combined with a career.